Spelljammer - Dragon Jubilee

Bring me my emergency pants
Session 2

The new crew of the Menagerie embark on the prototype ship, and after accosting a lone lizardman discover that the dire whales they seek are this time of year migrated to the northern Ice Seas of Aquintallia. There, the great floating city of Nulfok’Nor is a hub for plundering the frigid waters of their treasures. After spending some time equipping themselves for cold weather they left the barge Io’s Joy in the Dragon Jubilee and sailed to the water planet bellow.

The Menagerie spent the time performing a fly over of Nulfork’Nor, surveying the ice berg dotted ocean and seeing how other ships had approached killing the great dire whales of Aquintallia. These creatures where not over all much larger than regular whales, but were known for their fierce natures and natural weapons. They were covered by a mixture of bony plates and mats of dense fur, with their maws filled with huge jagged tusks.

After landing Kaya, Nolfrine and Barrow discussed possible methods of locating a dire whale of their own, as well as admired Nolfrine’s handy work in constructed a partially alchemical harpoon system to use on their targets. Tjolfnir, Kaya’s brother though took a more direct approach to the situation and accosted the first being he encountered, a halfling pulling up crustaceans from under the waves in a cage and then placing them in buckets.

By the time Tjolfnir was done the poor halfling had been thrown in the water once, dried, had his hair set on fire, and was then scared out of his mind by the dragon for no good reason. All so that he could point the large being towards the whaler ship that was near by.

(Okay, the halfling may have been a bit of a jerk. By insisting that Tjolfnir was either not real, or a “drogan”. He also may have said something about the dragon should be used as bait for the whales)

NPCs encountered
One very poor halfling

Nulfok’Nor – The Whaling City

Signs and Portents
The First Session

Some stuff happened. Fill in later from log.

Reginald, Propiter of Elf Sent for Leather

Io’s Joy Barge
Lucky Sage cafe
Elf Sent for Leather shop


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